Ready To Mingle: People Can't Believe Women Let Their Boyfriends On New ITV Dating Show

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Now that Love Island has officially come to an end following the reunion on Sunday, dating show fans have flocked to ITV 2's newest offering: Ready to Mingle. Lots of viewers have been left confused by the show's concept after tuning in for the first episode which aired on Monday night. Katherine Ryan hosts the series, which follows a single girl in search for her perfect partner out of 12 male suitors to win a cash prize. But there's a juicy twist - not all of the men are single. In fact, some of them are being guided by their own partners to try and win the hefty prize money. Sophia Dusauzay, 24, has to get to know the boys by doing activities, playing games and going on romantic dates. She must eliminate each man until there is just one left - but can she work out who is single and who isn't?! Some of the boys will be guided by their real-life partners to graft them into a dream boyfriend and if Sophia picks a boy who is in a relationship, he gets to split the prize money with his partner and she'll end up with nothing. One woman tweeted: This show is so weird like why would you be okay with your boyfriend going on a dating show and flirting with someone else even if it's just for money?

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My perfect guy floated into work, we were work friends and now 3 years on we have our accept house. Hi Michelle! Aww thank you! And that's wonderful to hear! I'm glad you found him when YOU were ready! That's the way it's supposed to be : And be grateful you so much for the benevolent words.

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