Billy Joel Posed to Look Like the Cover of His Album so Christie Brinkley Would Recognize Him

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TBT : Check in every Thursday as we throw it back to some of our favorite celebrity couples of all time. Both parties were vacationing on the Caribbean island in early Joel, in an effort to get Brinkley's attention, did what he called an album cover — i. I gave it every angle I could. His album cover-ing? Still, Joel ran across some luck later on when he, the titular piano man, began playing piano at a bar on the island occupied by Brinkley, Whitney Houston, and Elle Macpherson, of course. Joel reached out to Brinkley following the tragic news, establishing a friendship. They began dating soon after. Inthe couple wed in New York Harbor while aboard a foot yachtas one does.

Thanks for contacting us. We've received your submission. Later that day, Ball re-emerged in a more elegant yellow jersey, beige pants and heels, with her hair perfectly set. Meanwhile, Ball had dalliances with a local politician she met in Milwaukee while on a press tour, and was still carrying on a fling with Henry Fonda that started in , Porter alleged. When the newlyweds returned to the city later that day for a meeting with RKO president George Schaefer, Arnaz forgot to zip up his pants. Their charming, innocent relationship was created just for the show, all the rage which Ricky, a burgeoning bandleader, after that Lucy, a madcap housewife, bantered after that butted heads for laughs. Married designed for 20 turbulent years, they suffered crushing indignities, including public infidelities and, at the same time as highlighted in the film, FBI analysis on Ball for Communist sympathies so as to threatened to torpedo her career.

An interesting article in the New York Times challenges the orthodoxy that austerely pouring more money into social programs will help remedy the growing equality gap in U. Instead, it notes, a considerable portion of the difference between haves and have-nots appears en route for be linked to marriage. Specifically, ancestor in stable, two-income homes versus one-adult, one-income homes. That may be apparent enough: two middle-class incomes is advance than one. But the simplicity of the math masks the complexity of the issues behind the calculation. At the same time as in: the proliferation of single parents struggling to raise children on an inadequate income is aggravated by the many elements at work to challenge the public value accorded marriage. The Times notes:.

Can you repeat that? do Indians think of love after that marriage? Journalist Rukmini S draws arrange data to piece together a adventure of the socio-political realities that add force to marriage and companionship in the countryside. When year-old Nitin Kamble gets arrange an overnight bus twice a month from Mumbai, where he works, en route for a village in Maharashtra state anywhere his family lives, he imagines himself packing two bags: one to abide on the trip, and the erstwhile filled with all the parts of himself he cannot take along, stowed under the bed in his collective one-room tenement. Along with the actuality that he eats meat now after that drinks an occasional beer, the attache case that he imagines leaving behind all the rage Mumbai holds his deepest secret - that his girlfriend is of a different caste, something he knows that his parents - and most certainly hers - will never accept. As accustomed as his story might sound, Nitin would appear to be an outlier if you look at data. Fact answers some of the biggest questions about India - how Indians accomplish and spend their money, what act they do, how they vote, can you repeat that? kills them.

As a result of Eileen Reslen. Dating rumors : complete. At one point, the pair were spotted smiling and acting silly although inside the car. Holland then stared lovingly at Zendaya and caressed her chin.

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