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Shelves: bodice-rippersfirst-person-present-ugh GAH! I have nobody to blame, because I did it to myself. I read the synopsis on FB and was between books looking for a new read. It peaked my interest so I read the Amazon preview and got hooked enough to borrow the book with my KU subscription. My tu GAH! My turning point came from the weak way in which the H and h actually got together and it just went downhill from there. I didn't hate the characters, but I didn't really like them and they didn't feel like fully fleshed out people. Theo is the older 42 yo man, CEO of his own company and a self-professed workaholic who has been in love with Wren since she started working for him three years earlier. Wren is the younger 29 yohead of PR, who has always had an attraction to Theo.

Background[ edit ] Dirty Little Secret was written by Nick Wheeler and Tyson Ritterwho claimed that because they were both at the time in continuing relationships with their girlfriends they had to concoct some histrionics. Wheeler alleged We come from a small city, and until now we've both had steady relationships. So, you know, at time there's not enough drama or chaos to write about, so he austerely writes stories. And that's where the lyrics come from.

Cloudy little secrets: Are you one of them? Surprisingly, many people admitted so as to they had indeed faced that benevolent of scenario. One woman said so as to she had been with a be in charge of for ten years who never admitted it to anyone because of her weight. She eventually came to her senses but she will never acquire that decade back. Sometimes it has nothing to do with looks although fear of commitment, running games, after that — of course — being conjugal and not being upfront about it. I can never comprehend why a person would subject himself or herself en route for such a thing.

The author has a captivating writing adapt that grabs you immediately and has you flying through the pages await you reach the end. It's a novella, so be mindful of so as to going into it. You're not available to get serious long term affiliation development or anything, because that would be impossible given the length. But, it does a good job all the rage it's 73 pages of giving you a complete short story with a satisfying ending. If you have a thing for rape fantasy and become old gap, this one's for you!

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