5 Quickie Sex Positions for When You Literally Can't Wait

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Story from Sex Tips. At some point in history we're not quite sure when people started making a distinction between having sex and making love. Making love surely does not include hot, quick, gotta-have-you-now sex — aka, a quickie. Having a quickie can be a great way to quickly destress and relief tension election stresswe're looking at youbut it can also be just as meaningful as spending hours worshiping your partner's body, Chase says.

But innocence is the first casualty of war, then free time is the first casualty of fatherhood. And it comes with collateral damage: the beating of good, long sex. Even after kids are old enough to not require constant supervision, stealing away en route for test out the mattress springs before doing it in the car are about as rare as sleeping all the rage. Quickies have a weird rap. Nagging away for 10 minutes to bash in a closet or bathroom is considered the exclusive territory of horny coeds, entirely too obvious couples by office holiday parties, and thinly careworn rom-com characters. But, executed correctly, the quickie offers a much-needed opportunity en route for relieve stress , strengthen a affiliation, and get off at a age when intimacy, connection, and, well, age, are luxuries. Here are some things to keep in mind. Despite the name, quickies take time. Communication not only primes the pump, but, apiece sex educator Yana Tallon-Hicks , it also helps you and your affiliate become a sex special-ops team, adept to parachute in, deploy, and depart with tactical precision.

Quickie sex is fun, intense, and makes you feel super desirable—and you basic to have more of it. All the rage fact, if you wait for altogether those things to fall into area, you might never get it arrange at all. They need to be showeredthe sheets need to be cleanse, and the kids have to be with a babysitter. But the stars don't have to align in array for you and your partner en route for have mind-blowing sex. In fact, an unplanned, I-have-to-have-you-now quickie can be constant hotter than a drawn-out session amid the sheets.

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