6 Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Cut My Own Curtain Bangs

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Of course, not everyone has the option to go long. If your hair is thinning or balding, check out the SG guide to shaving your head! Different razor blade strokes for different folks! Long hair on guys in college just feels like a natural rite of passage. After all, college is the time for experimentation. Then, Study Abroad in Athens Me blonde hair sophomore year.

Afterwards seeing celebrities like Ariana Grande after that Jennifer Lopez rocking the cut, I had visions of myself in akin cheekbone-grazing, face-framing splendor. When done absolute, it provides the coolest enhancing affect to any style, from curly shags to high ponytails. It's a shakier premise when you find yourself all the rage front of the bathroom mirror after everyone else at night, spontaneously hacking away by your hair with a pair of kitchen scissors you've just used en route for collect some balcony chives for your omelet dinner. Spoiler alert: I did not come out of this be subject to looking like J. During my accept journey with curtain bangs, I academic some invaluable lessons that I advise everyone read before they embark arrange the same emotional roller coaster. Beneath, six things you should know but you want to learn how en route for cut curtain bangs at home. I don't know how some people appear to manage to keep their bangs sitting perfectly in their designated face-framing places at all times, but I am not one of those beautifully blessed individuals.

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