Sexual dissatisfaction: A warning alarm that can break your marriage

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In a bid to understand the importance of sex for couples in relationships in the country, an online medical portal, mediangels. The researchers questioned men and women in the age group of 20 and 65, from Tier-I and Tier-II cities, and offered some surprising conclusions. In a country like ours, where certain pockets of society are still not comfortable talking about sex, it has never been easy for women to share their expectations in this regard. In some cases, as revealed by the earlier-mentioned survey, sexual dissatisfaction also leads to divorce. To start with, one must become aware of the signs that a suffering partner may display. According to Anand, there could be emotional signs as well, such as anger, resentment, unhappiness, feeling unwanted, irritability, sadness, lack of motivation, or resistance to physical touch or intimate gestures. The research revealed that On one hand, while it is important for a partner to be sensitive towards the needs of the woman in his life, and vice-versa, several people might not necessarily find it easy to share their views on this subject. In such circumstances, experts feel that people must not hesitate to get professional help.

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