How to Deal With Your Partner’s Ex-Spouse

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We may earn commission from the links on this page. Well, it's complicated. Feb 26, IMDB Exes typically fall into one of two categories: the kind we block on social media and cross the street to avoid, and the kind we dream about landing in our DMs and running into on a good hair day—perhaps fanning a flame that never went all the way out. But what about the exes we maintain contact with—you know, the kind who make our phones light up at 2 a. Is it ever a good idea to sleep with them? They already know your most intimate curves and crevices, and you get to avoid the first-time awkwardness of sharing your naked body with someone new.

Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. We may earn a commission through acquaintance on our site. In the abrupt aftermath, you may never want en route for set eyes on your ex all over again. Here's what eight women have en route for say about what it was akin to having sex with an ex. A few of these are NSFW! He chosen me up in his car, after that we were driving around the diminutive town we lived in. He parked in a secluded spot and I started to give him a bash job, but he finished extremely abruptly. I think there had been a lot of sexual tension that built up, mainly on his part. It was my first proper boyfriend accordingly I felt like I was allay learning a lot about relationships after that kind of experimenting.

Photograph: Alamy Sun 19 Jun I see my children all the age, have never missed child support payments, attend events and help as a good deal as I can. My relationship along with my second ex is strong, although not with my first. I am really happy and treat him at the same time as my own. She has met my children although we have not assured we are partners. My second early is happy for me. My at the outset ex, however, has banned me as of going anywhere with my new affiliate when I have the older two children. If I try to abide up to my first ex she becomes abusive and brings up our break-up, which was more than seven years ago. If I put my new partner first I get accused of neglect; if I play careful with my first ex she takes advantage.

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