The psychological reasons why you fall in love with your colleagues

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Hide Caption Workplace romance required keeping a secret Justin and his wife Kristin Hege met and started dating while working in a restaurant, then had to keep their secret from co-workers. The couple will soon celebrate their 12th anniversary. When they finally began dating, they kept their courtship secret for nearly three years, not telling their co-workers until they became engaged. And while their relationship led to a loving marriage, both say anyone who considers dating a colleague needs to embark down that path with their eyes wide open.

Medically Reviewed By: Cessel Boyd The dating scene is filled with people who seek others who are like them. They want someone who is akin to them, shares certain interests and has similar goals. These are the a good number common traits that people look designed for when deciding who to date. Around are dozens of places where you can find like-minded people that allocate similar interests. Source: rawpixel. In actuality, a poll showed that one absent of three coworkers admitted to a workplace relationship. Coworkers spend almost hours per week together. Understandably, an allure would develop. Some places of employ have rules that prohibit their employees from dating coworkers.

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As a result of Cassie Shortsleeve January 26, As Americans work longer and longer days, individual thing is inevitable: more and add time in the office. But designed for the single masses among us, that's not always such a drag. According to a survey of roughly 2, people conducted by Mic, the third-most common way people find romantic attachments is through work. Another survey, conducted by CareerBuilder, revealed that at slight a quarter of all working professionals have confessed to dating a assistant in the past. So if you find that you're crushing pretty arduous on someone in a nearby chop, don't worry: you're definitely not abandoned.

A few companies even have explicit policies adjacent to it. So what if you after that a colleague have been flirting after that might want to explore a relationship? Should you steer clear? What the Experts Say There are perfectly able reasons why coworkers fall for individual another , says Art Markman, a professor of psychology and marketing by the University of Texas at Austin. Research shows that we also attend to to fall for people who are similar to ourselves, says Amy Nicole Baker, an associate professor of psychology at University of New Haven after that author of several papers on administrative centre romance.

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