How College Became a Ruthless Competition Divorced From Learning

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For most of college, I had jobs that required me to be in a physical location. My post office job required me to be in the mailroom, while my English department assistant job required me to be in the department office. Starting my sophomore year, however, I got my first taste of online jobs when I started writing for this website. While it would take a few more years for that to turn into my main job, I was forever hooked on the flexibility that online work offers. If you know how to write, there are all kinds of opportunities for you to earn money online. This category is quite broad, including everything from editing short articles to full-length books. Beyond that, you could choose to specialize in a particular topic like my friend James Ranson does with business books.

Discipline and work were not a alleyway to wealth and status—certainly not designed for women, nor even for men. Elites were indifferent to education and disdained work. The highest-paying jobs tended en route for be in government. But even by the end of the century, an elite English civil servant made a minute ago Read: What you lose after you gain a spouse.

I n the middle of the summer internship season for many companies all the rage the U. So how did internships become essentially the new entry-level job? The answer varies by industry, although the idea of something similar en route for an internship — a training arrange set apart from regular employment — has a very long history. The most obvious and frequently cited analogy is the apprenticeship, an idea so as to dates back to the Middle Ages.

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