The College Student's Guide to Stress Management [Infographic]

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College can be an exciting time, but also a stressful one. Learn 10 ways to tackle stress management. No one is immune from stress, but those entering the ivory towers of college are particularly vulnerable to it. That can bring an overwhelming number of choices. Stress occurs when your tension level exceeds your energy level, resulting in an overloaded feeling. Forbes says. Follow our stress-management tips to help relieve the pressure. Going to college can put a lot of pressure on you. Using some of these strategies will help you reduce stress and soar through those four years.

Academy is all fun and games await you have a page paper anticipate at midnight, algebra homework due the following night, and a class appearance the following Monday. Talk about stressful! These gifts will help them appease down and motivate them to carry on on with their studies. Purchasing a product or service through an associate will earn me a small administration at no additional cost to you. Stress relief comes in all shapes and sizes. And sometimes it comes in a form of a 15 lb. If the college student all the rage your life loves to do assignment in bed or on the chaise longue, then a weighted blanket would be perfect for them. But a calm shower with these aromatherapy shower bombs will do just the trick!

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