Norris Rising

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Screenshot: baltcouncil This week, City Council President Nick Mosby—who is fundraising to defend himself in a federal investigation—unveiled a dollar houses program that aims to revitalize the city and bridge its massive racial wealth gap. Critics warn it would overwhelmingly benefit the wealthy and real estate developers. Others noted that many aspects of the program are duplicative of policies already in place. Most of these houses need new floors, you probably still have lead paint … You have to rip out the entire house and put it back together. The current City program goes above and beyond that amount.

As a result of Gail Gibson On clear days, Ed Norris rides his new motorcycle, a Victory Kingpin, to his four-hour two-way radio gig, where he holds forth arrange everything from the war in Iraq to the Ravens to the capital schools. Some days, there will be crises, of the sort that appear up at radio stations, over apparatus breakdowns or airtime. All he be able to do is grin. Few would allow imagined this life for this be in charge of. Certainly not Ed Norris himself. He knew his conviction meant he could not return to policing. After he was released, in February , he discovered that finding any work would be a complicated endeavor. Norris was out of a job again.

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