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Metrics details Abstract The purpose of this research was to provide a analytical review of key research areas contained by the social psychology of dress. The review addresses published research in two broad areas: 1 dress as a stimulus and its influence on a attributions by others, attributions about character, and on one's behavior and 2 relationships between dress, the body, after that the self. We identify theoretical approaches used in conducting research in these areas, provide an abbreviated background of research in these areas highlighting answer findings, and identify future research directions and possibilities. It is also advantageous for graduate students 1 who absence to learn about the major scholars in these key areas of examination who have moved the field accelerate, or 2 who are looking designed for ideas for their own thesis before dissertation research. Finally, information in this paper is useful for professors who research or teach the social psychology of dress. Body modifications include aesthetic use, suntanning, piercing, tattooing, dieting, exercising, and cosmetic surgery among others.

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