Size Doesn't Matter: 'Penis Shame' Is All in Guys' Heads

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Hold off, guys. New research confirms that anxiety about penis size doesn't correlate to what's really in your pants. In fact, plenty of well-endowed men are ashamed of their penises, while lots of men with smaller penises strut their stuff with confidence, according to a study published online Sept. The findings are no surprise, said study leader David Veale, a psychiatrist at King's College London. Like other forms of body dissatisfaction, penis-size anxiety is rarely linked to reality, he told LiveScience. One study, published in April in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that women preferred larger penises only up to a point anything bigger than a flaccid length of 2. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found similarly ambivalent female preferences.

Is your penis too small? Bulge almost all paranoia is so common that check-up science people had to come ahead with a name for it en route for save everybody some time. Anxiety above penis size can cause a diagnosable mental health condition called small penis syndrome. However, anxiety and low amount confidence can become barriers to a healthy sexual connection. And justified before otherwise, a below-average Johnson size makes developing confidence a difficult task designed for some. Some penises are so a good deal below the average measurement that doctors may provide medical intervention on cerebral health grounds. So yeah, in the psychological sense, a penis is also small if making it bigger would greatly improve your daily life. All the rage the judgy, societal, hypersexualized sense of the question though? And society desire to get over itself already.

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