When sleeping with your partner can be a nightmare

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The Sun newspaper reports that the pair left the restaurant separately after dining together and that the former Pussycat Dolls singer then went out on the town with a group of girlfriends. The Titanic star, who has been linked to a string of supermodels for more than a decade, was spotted with a new partner in Sydney, where he is starring in a remake of The Great Gatsby. DiCaprio is on the loose again after the collapse of his relationship with Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli, one of the world's top swimsuit models. They split this year after six years together. And that relationship came after a five-year love affair with Brazil's Gisele Bundchen, the highest-paid model in the world. Apparently, the reality star and US basketball player Kris Humphries are at each other's throats only nine weeks after their highly publicised wedding. One of the more vicious rumours is that the marriage was an elaborate set-up and that she had been searching for an athlete to marry.

As a result of Diana Pilkington for the Daily Correspondence. Over the past few years, Irene Pedley has been kicked, punched, bitten and nearly strangled by her companion. Irene, 62, is not the butt of domestic abuse, but the companion of a man with a ailment that can be as distressing designed for him as it is for her. For all these attacks occur although Greg is asleep. Are you affected? Numerous people across the UK be diagnose with with undiagnosed sleep conditions.

Even if it's poorly-understood among the general broadcast, most have heard of insomnia, the classic can't-sleep condition, but sexsomnia sounds like an excuse a teenager would come up with. In fact, a study at the Toronto Western Hospice in Canada found that, out of sleep center patients, some 7. After that while many doctors have never constant heard of it, researchers are activation to study the condition more attentively. And although there is currently denial treatment for sexsomnia, medical researchers after that doctors are now studying the acclimatize in an effort to understand after that treat it. While to some, it is merely an annoyance, to others, it can be upsetting, or constant dangerous, leading partners, family members, constant strangers who happen to be asleep in the same room to assail or molest one another without constant being aware of it.

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