Netflix subscriptions fell and cancellations increased after release of controversial film Cuties

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In the three-month period which ended on September 30, 2. Of those, justsigned up for the service in the United States. Inspired by music videos and social media, the girl group learns and practices provocative and sexualized choreography in preparation for a dance competition. But the film, which shows the young girls in provocative dance poses, has been accused of 'hyper-sexualizing children. The hashtag CancelNetflix began trending on social media. Netflix did not produce or develop Cuties. Instead, it bought the rights to distribute the film after it won critical acclaim at the Sundance Film Festival, where it debuted in January. Senator Ted Cruz, the Republican from Texas, urged the Department of Justice to investigate the production and distribution of the film, including anyone involved Cruz wrote a letter to Attorney General Bill Barr calling on him to investigate the matter The company has faced legal consequences for streaming Cuties.

I sat through one viewing, and I think that was all I basic to see. I've honestly seen films on this sort of subject body a girl on the cusp of womanhood that have stylistically handled it better, such as the film The Fits. The girls in this big screen, not even in high school but, curse like sailors and dress improperly, an awkward and painful spectacle designed for the viewer as we sit around watching the main character's slow breakdown into competitive perversion. Maybe fifteen years ago the film would have absent a bigger impact on me.

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