Health Benefits of Sex: For Men For Women For Both

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As if the big 'O' wasn't reason enough to get busy, sex has many other benefits that just might surprise you. Want to clear your complexion, boost your mood, and cut your risk of cancer, heart disease, and other health hazards? Nobody says you have to be with someone to do that. Just like any physical activity, healthy sex is good for your heart. A study published in January in the American Journal of Cardiology found that men who had sex twice weekly or more had less risk of cardiovascular diseases, like stroke or heart attack, than those who had sex once a month or less. And for those who worry that the exertion involved in sex is a threat to the heart, the American Heart Association's Scientific Statement on Sexual Activity and Cardiovascular Disease says that having sex is safe for people who can exercise with no heart problems in the range of 3 to 5 metabolic equivalents METs. METs are a measure of the energy calories expended during an activity.

Laurence Levine 11 min read men mens health relationship advice relationships sex tips women women's health. Nobody needs en route for sing the praises of sex, constant though it may have been the reason singing was invented in the first place. Sex is pleasurable, allude to and extremely fun but is it good for you? We'll get addicted to the how's and why's that accomplish sex healthy, and we're going en route for look at who should be having the most sex and how commonly.

Femininity and sexuality are a part of life. Aside from reproduction, sex be able to be about intimacy and pleasure. Sexual activity, penile-vaginal intercourse PVIor masturbation, be able to offer many surprising benefits to altogether facets of your life:. Sexual fitness is more than avoiding diseases after that unplanned pregnancies. This study suggests so as to sex can be good cardiovascular application in younger men and women. Ancestor with active sex lives tend en route for exercise more frequently and have advance dietary habits than those who are less sexually active. Physical fitness can also improve sexual performance overall. Nine ways to improve your sexual accomplishment ».

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