Qualities which Every Women wants to See in Her Man

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A lot of what I am today, the achievements that were so kindly mentioned in the introduction, are a function of the partner I was lucky to have alongside on my journey. Sanjaya Sharma and I are very different people. He is widely read, divergent in thinking, and creative; I am a lot more linear in thinking and introverted. But on the most important thing, we are not different at all—we have very similar core values. If I were to point out the one thing that has made our partnership successful, it is just that—the alignment on core values. Indulge me for a minute if I sound like a mom! When you are out there looking for a partner, look beyond their looks, their success, their style. So remember to look well beneath the surface.

So as to being said, I know people who meet people in bars. They as a rule like drinking and going to bars. So they have that in coarse. Then, do it together. Take a class. Join a club. Learn a new skill. Bird Watching. Star Gazing.

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