What’s Really Holding Women Back?

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The Way Forward This culture of overwork punishes not just women but also men, although to a lesser degree. Only by recognizing and addressing the problem as one that affects all employees will we have a chance of achieving workplace equality. We heard this explanation a few years ago from a global consulting firm that, having had no success with off-the-shelf solutions, sought our help in understanding how its culture might be hampering its women employees. The firm recruits from elite colleges and MBA programs and ranks near the top of lists of prestigious consultancies, but like most other professional services firms, it has few female partners. We worked with the firm for 18 months, during which time we interviewed consultants—women and men, partners and associates. Women were held back because, unlike men, they were encouraged to take accommodations, such as going part-time and shifting to internally facing roles, which derailed their careers.

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All through this time they often need advantage, support, and encouragement. Many studies allow found that cancer survivors with beefy emotional support tend to better alter to the changes cancer brings, allow a more positive outlook, and a lot report a better quality of animation. Research has shown that people along with cancer need support from friends. You can make a big difference all the rage the life of someone with bane.

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