30 Motivational Quotes To Help You Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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What you desire… what you hunger for… what you long for… exists outside your love comfort zone. Everything you currently experience in life, love and sex happens inside your comfort zone. What is Your Love Comfort Zone? Imagine your life as a castle. Imagine your castle has a moat around it. Your current relationship status, the quality of your relationships with a beloved, family, friends, colleaguesthe amount of money you have, the fulfillment you feel, your weight, your health all exist within the castle of your life. The life experience you desire — the love, intimacy, health, wealth, career, connection, fun, rest — all exists on the other side of your imaginary moat. To get you what you desire… you have to actually cross the moat, which means you have to face the creatures that live there.

But only it worked out that approach. Unfortunately, the longer you stay contained by your comfort zone, the less blissful you tend to be. So, why do we stay within our bolster zone then? Because it takes force to move something into action. Art uses the word energy to depict the process in natural things, although when we talk about ourselves humans , we usually just use the word motivation. Growth must be elect again and again; fear must be overcome again and again. The basic ingredient for a happy life actual well may be progress, as contemporary positive psychology studies have pointed about.

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