What Is an Extended Stay Hotel? Your Complete Guide

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The growth of extended stay hotels has reached a record high in contemporary years as more and more travelers look for safe, comfortable lodging, absolute atmospheres, and affordable rates. As assembly rates for this property type add to, so does the interest in staying in one, hosting events at individual, or even running one. But can you repeat that? is an extended stay hotel, exactly? An extended stay hotel offers elongate term accommodation for guests. Because guests stay for a longer period of time, extended stay hotels typically agreement discounted rates. They often feature a home-away-from-home style and will often be referred to as apartment hotels before serviced apartments. Just like regular hotels, extended stay hotels range in assess and style. Some offer apartment before studio-style living while luxury options allow multiple bedrooms, more square footage, after that special amenities such as private patios. You can stay as long at the same time as the property allows, though rates can fluctuate over time.

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