Why Did Reality Winner Do It?

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What did it cost him? Did it work? Dell gave Snowden top-level security clearance. He had privately studied Japanese for a year and a half, loved Japanese culture, and was an avid fan of Japanese anime. As an NSA cyber-operative in the cyber-warfare program, he had several jobs in Japan, all of which required his high-level security clearance. One was to teach high-level military intelligence officers how to prevent Chinese hackers from compromising their networks. Another more critical task was to create a hacker-proof data backup system—a cybershield—to protect NSA locations around the world. To do that, Snowden had to examine NSA data-collection operations.

Sara Corbett meets the woman some affection as a political heroine—others as an accomplice to treason. It has six terminals, four Burger Kings, a arc of shops selling duty-free caviar, after that a rivering flow of anonymous travelers—all of them headed out or headed in or, in any event, by no means planning to stay long. But designed for nearly six weeks in the summer ofthe airport also housed two fugitives: Edward Snowden, the NSA contractor who had just off-loaded an explosive trove of top-secret U. It was a tableau sprung from a spy novel—a turncoat intelligence contractor on the lam with an enigmatic blonde by his side. Snowden had based himself all the rage Hong Kong for several weeks at the same time as his disclosures about government surveillance ripped across the global media. When the U. But it came too late: Before anybody made a move en route for capture him, Edward Snowden—led by Sarah Harrison—had quietly boarded a flight en route for Moscow and basically vanished. Their location at Sheremetyevo became a mystery. Aged file photos showed Harrison to be strikingly attractive, with long, ringleted beard and a vivid, gap-toothed smile.

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