Write for Us

 Traditional media almost completely ignore the “sexuality beat”.
Our site is Canada’s only publication covering all aspects of sexual culture coast to coast.

We have several levels of involvement, and at this stage of our development all are volunteer positions:
a) Sex Columnists (national or Featured City)
b) Featured Blogs
c) Casual Contributors
d) City Editor

Currently our Featured Cities are: Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa and Halifax

What is in this for you?
-get writing experience and credits
-participate in the emergence of sex journalism as a specialty beat
-work with a creative team of sex-positive writers
-meet (and sometimes interview) edge-pushing sexual personalities
-attend interesting sexuality events
-our city editor position can include an internship program for college credit

You retain the copyright of anything you post. You only grant us the right to publish it. For further legal info see our Terms of Service.