Vancouver Poly 101 Discussion - Poly and Safe Sex

Date and Time
22 Sep 2011
Start Time: 
6:00 pm
End Time: 
9:30 pm

When multiple partners are involved in multiple relationships, how do you deal with making sure both you and your partners are staying safe? What happens if you're fluid bonded with one partner but not another? Do you know how to recognize an STI? These are questions we deal with on a regular basis in polyamorous relationships.

This month's topic is going to revolve around safe sex issues within a poly relationship. Zanzi's also working on getting someone from the Sex Ed industry to say a few words as well as to participate in our discussion.

Again we'll be having it at the Corner Pub, service should be a lot better this month as I've ensured that they're going to have a second server on to make sure we are taken care of (I know there were some people who were concerned about the lack of service last month). As always we look forward to seeing as many people there as can make it.

Please feel free to invite whoever you'd like; the more the merrier!! We'll be getting started around 6 (discussion will start at 630), but feel free to get their earlier (or stay later) for food, drinks, and of course socialization!

Again the venue is The Corner Pub - 612 Davie St, Vancouver, BC. See you all there.

Name of location: 
The Corner Pub

612 Davie St