G-Spot Massage and Female Ejaculation

Date and Time
26 Jan 2011
Start Time: 
7:30 pm
End Time: 
9:30 pm

Having trouble locating or experiencing the pleasures of the G-spot? We want to educate you on how exactly this erectile tissue may want to be approached, prove that it does indeed exist, as well as offer tips on how to experience that trick of all boudoir tricks; female ejaculation.

We will go over illustrations of a woman’s anatomy, to better describe location of you or your partner's G-Spot; then we will talk about different techniques to stimulate and positions to best access the G-Spot.
Although some women have not yet accessed their G-Spot, it doesn’t mean they are unable to necessarily. We will go over why it's different for different women and how to work with those differences.

Name of location: 
The Art of Loving

1819 west 5th avenue
Vancouver, BC

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