The 5 Elements of Ecstatic Sexual Love-Phase 2

Date and Time
25 Jun 2011 - 26 Jun 2011
Start Time: 
10:00 am
End Time: 
6:00 pm

$400 per person, $700 per couple

Join us for The 5 Elements, Tantric Immersion Weekend!

Beyond this, there are no Tantric sexual practices more swift, healing or effective!

This workshop offers some of the most authentic and esoteric teachings on sexual Tantra available. Includes everything you need to get started in, or radically advance your own sacred sexual practice.

Suitable for beginning, intermediate and advanced level practitioners.

In this workshop you will learn easy, fun & highly effective techniques for:

Transforming your love-making into a highly charged sensual experience with the Secret Tibetan 5 Element Teachings
Getting the pleasure you desire by learning why, how, & what to communicate during love-play
Awakening your full orgasmic potential through healing G-spot & Vulva massage
Enhancing your sensual connection before and during love-making, with Tantric breathing methods
Making your love last longer with semen retention and ejaculatory control for men
Lingam massage and multiple orgasms for men
A full array of sexual positions and movement for your greatest pleasure and sensual enjoyment
Physical Toning exercise for men to increase sexual health and power
The Secret Jade Ben Wa Ball exercises for women to strengthen the Yoni and enhance orgasm
Compassionate Communication skills for greater personal intimacy and emotional depth
Meditation for cultivating presence in life and love
How to create a sensual and seductive Tantric Temple night
How to use your sexuality to heal your body and transform your life!

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