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Tantra is an ancient spiritual tradition from the east which includes practices that blend spirituality and sexuality. Out of these practices people discover a way to have extraordinary pleasure and profound intimacy.

Exercises are designed to bring consciousness to sexuality and dissolve barriers to pleasure and love.

In an atmosphere of safety, fun and play you explore the fundamental energies that charge life, deepen relationships and ignite your sex life.

Included are exercises for : intimacy, sexuality, trust, communication, self-esteem, sensuality, breath work, mantra, energy-field work, chakra clearing, meditation and a fabulous ritual for the senses.

Dissolve barriers and get freedom from constraints that prevent you from having the love life /or partner of your dreams!

Partner is not a requirement.

Open to couples and singles.

Note: There is no sexual activity in class.

• improve your love life
• intensify sensuality
• get more time together
• better communication
• increase physical desire
• get sex more often
• find self-acceptance
• increase your confidence
• feel comfortable talking about sex
• increase your "attractiveness" to the opposite sex

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