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I try to live as natural a life as possible and am truly at peace in the middle of a forest, at the shore's edge or sitting high atop a mountain. I love camping, blues music, dancing until the sun comes up, sharing drinks and laughs with friends and vegan coconut cookie dough ice cream. (Seriously, it's orgasmic.) Jeff Beck is likely the best guitarist I've ever heard- although Eric Clapton is a VERY close second. I am an honest and passionate person who lives according to her values and ethics in every aspect of her life. A vegan feminist who is vehement about fighting for the rights of women, animals and the LGBT community. I am constantly challenging myself and aspire to make documentary films about subjects that need attention and provoke discussion and social change. I've been making my own clothing for over a decade and I have a love affair with djembe drums and rock climbing. I believe art and love are the soul of any community and I can make a mean vegan cheesecake. In the past year I've traveled through Canada, France, England, Switzerland and Italy and had an overall experience impossible to explain through language.

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