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Helios is a members only organization, established in 1964 for ordinary people from all walks of life with one thing in common, "social nudism".

Helios is located a short distance between Edmonton and Tofield, Alberta just off highway 14. A serene environment with recently renovated pool and hot tub. Helios is a landed club and as such, is situated on forty two acres of rolling land. Many members have year round campsites others simply come out for the day. There is a clubhouse in which many activities are held. These include dances, darts, potluck dinners, barbecues etc. As well there is a nature trail that is great just to get out and stretch your legs. You are always welcome to visit with others at the sunning area at the pool or just stop and chat with people at their camp site.

Helios Nudist Association has 170 members and growing; contact them today and become a part of that growth.

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