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Hakomi is a body-centered psychotherapy method developed by Ron Kurtz.
It is a synthesis of Eastern spiritual principles and highly effective Western
therapeutic techniques. Hakomi uses the body as a doorway into the uncon-
scious, into the hidden beliefs (core material) that influence and shape our
lives, relationships and self-image. Hakomi is a fast and powerful method
that allows accesses to this core material so that it can emerge safely into
our consciousness where it can be re-evaluated and transformed. The indiv-
idual can then integrate new ways of being that are more satisfying and
effective in life. Central to the Hakomi method is the healing relationship
between the client and therapist that creates a deep sense of safety and con-
nection that facilitates the therapy.

The Hakomi Edmonton provides professional training in the Hakomi
Method of Body-Centered Psychotherapy for psychologists, social
workers, psychiatrists (and other mental health professionals) and
body-workers. The institute also offers introductory weekend
workshops in Hakomi for professional and personal development.

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