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Their 1000 sq ft studio (with dressing room and all!) is located at 9918 100st in Morinville AB. 10 minutes north of St Albert, 40 minutes from Jasper Ave (straight up 100 St in Edmonton!) But they are always willing to do location sessions, and they host hotel suite marathons a couple times a year as well.


Gingerlily Boudoir is Kristina & Marla, photographer and makeup artistry extraordinairres!
About Kris:
Photography is her profession, but it's also her passion!
After having her first child, she struggled with the role that she was expected to play. How do you know when to turn "Mom" off and bring "Wife" out to play!?? She soon realized that she wasn't the only one to feel this way, and that is when she decided that boudoir was a wonderful way to help women rediscover that part of them that they thought was gone! -Kris

Marla is a fun, energetic, talented makeup artist who has the ability to make everyone feel comfortable and beautiful. She specializes in the boudoir makeup being super sexy, but not so much that you can't find you!

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