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The Edmonton “O” Society (EOS) is an unincorporated society. Members meet monthly in a casual, non-judgmental social setting to share one another’s company, dialogue and learn together about this form of sexual expression. The EOS is not a dating service, an escort agency, sexual theatre for voyeurs, or a swinger’s club.

The EOS subscribes to the credo first adopted by the National Leather Association: Safe, Sane & Consensual. Each member takes this code seriously and expects the same from new and old members alike. The EOS neither promotes nor condones unsafe and unlawful activities, or behavior that is prejudicial toward any person or group.

About their name:
Our name comes from, The Story of O, a classic erotic novel published in France in 1955. Written by Pauline Reage (a pseudonym), the Story of “O” was about a slave named “O” -- a young woman so devoted to her lover that she willing submits to his domination, even to the extent of being given away to another Master.

Even though the book dwelled on a male dominant – female submissive relationship, the EOS does not distinguish between a member’s gender, sexual orientation, or preference for domination, submission, or both.

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