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12224 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton


Opened February 6, 1998, Down Under has developed its reputation as a clean, well run establishment which actively supports the Gay community. During the construction stages the management team was careful to ensure that each concept of the business met with the approval of the various City of Edmonton agencies involved as well as Edmonton Police Services. This openness and honesty developed an excellent working relationship which has been continued over the last few years.

Down Under seeks to provide a comfortable environment and maintains a rigorous cleaning program to ensure that each customer enjoys their visit. In addition, they provide other services such as pre-packaged food and beverages, toiletries, blankets, additional towels, wake-up calls and free customer phone.

Each customer visiting Down Under receives the use of one free towel and also receives a free condom a lube package. Down Under takes its role in ensuring that their customers act responsibly and play safely very seriously.

Down Under does not offer support services such as massage therapy or sexual services of any kind. For a complete listing of all amenities offered, please see their "Amenities" section.

Sexual activities may be visible in the public areas of the business once visitors have been allowed access to the business by staff. By entering through their secured door system you acknowledge your understanding that sexual activities may be encountered by willing participants or viewed on video monitors. It has been ruled by the Supreme Court of Canada that businesses such as theirs can operate without fear of being challenged under "common bawdy house" definitions as defined in the Criminal Code sections regarding prostitution. It was these sections that allowed Police across Canada to engage in "raids" of bathhouses across Canada and here in Edmonton in the 80's.

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