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Have you and your partner ever fantasized about inviting others into your bedroom?

Are you looking to add some more excitement to your relationship?

Want to meet with other like-minded people in a safe and friendly environment?

Well, you’ll find lots of erotic adventure among the free-spirited, sensuous people at Club Serenity, where adventurous and secure couples (and singles!) from the Greater Kingston area of Ontario meet to pursue naughty pleasures. Experienced swingers and curious newcomers are equally welcome at their events.

Club Serenity is a private membership social club that provides the opportunity for consenting adults in the swinging lifestyle to meet like-minded couples (and singles) in a variety of non-threatening, non-judgmental parties and events. They are a member of the International Lifestyle Association (ILA) and NASCA, and honour the memberships of other participating clubs.

Club Serenity was started so that Lifestylers from the Greater Kingston area of Ontario could attend discreet events without the need to travel to Toronto or Ottawa. The savings in gas money alone often covers the cost of the event! And – in most cases - you’ll be meeting people closer to home.

As your hosts, they want to ensure that from your very first visit to one of their events, you feel comfortable and safe. They want you to be at ease the moment you walk through the door. And if they can ever do anything to improve your experience, or help you to relax, please let them know. They hope that with each visit you will meet interesting and exciting people, have some fun, and leave looking forward to their next event.

At their dances and events, you will meet other adventurous, open-minded, and uninhibited couples. Always remember, however, that there are many facets to swinging. Not everybody is “into” the same thing. New couples are welcome and encouraged to explore their own boundaries. And since they are an “off premise” club (that is, no explicit sexual activity - with the exception of occasional private house parties), there is never any pressure to participate in anything that is outside of your own comfort zone. While they strive to maintain a sexually-charged atmosphere, most of their events are simply an opportunity to meet with like-minded people. What you do afterwards is your business.

They would like to avoid public announcements about their parties and get-togethers in order to maintain the privacy, discretion, and safety of all of their members. Therefore, please be very selective with whom you share information about their club. Fellow lifestylers only, please.

There are many more couples involved in “The Lifestyle” than most people realize. They believe that swinging is much more of an attitude than a particular activity. A common myth is that swinging is a sign of a troubled relationship, while the exact opposite is usually true. Swingers are amongst the happiest of couples, and usually have very strong relationships. After all, it’s a shared activity that promotes understanding, intimacy and communication between spouses. Swinging casts away the inhibitions imposed by society, breaks up the routine, and encourages honesty between couples. You will find that, for the most part, swingers are happy, healthy couples who care about their appearance, and live life to the fullest. The swinging lifestyle can, and does, enrich relationships.

Hopefully, after attending one of their events, you’ll feel a little more mischievous. So come on out and dance, flirt, seduce, and tease. After all, at Club Serenity, they Aim to Misbehave!

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