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1819 West Fifth Ave at Burrard (NW corner, one building in)
Vancouver, BC, V6J 1P5

British Columbia
604-742-9988; toll free: 1-888-294-1821 Fax: 604-742-9989

The Art of Loving opened in 2002. Owners Vera Zyla and John Ince sought to create a sex-positive environment that would foster the joys of erotic loving through retail products, education and artistic creation.

We are proud of our success since then. We now carry over 1000 different pleasure products and boast the best selection of sexuality books and educational videos in Vancouver.

Our seminar program is very busy with seminars on a wide range of sexual subjects. Over 1000 people a year attend our programs. The media has been very interested in our seminars, especially our Kissing Class. The CBC, The Women’s Network and in 2006 ABC television from New York have all sent crews to film the event.

Erotic art is an especially important part of our agenda. We have done shows featuring local graphic artists, Japanese Shunga art, erotic lamps, and photography. One of our shows, Public Sex, Art and Democracy attracted enormous media attention. We were featured on the front page of the Globe and Mail, in numerous articles in the local press, and on national television news shows.

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