The Sound of Getting Started: Jess MG

“Not having sex sucks. I will go to great lengths to fulfill my sexual needs,” divulges Jess MG, member of the Audio Smut collective. “It’s a priority. Having great sex makes everything better.” Airing monthly on CKUT in Montreal, Audio Smut is a “racy radio show exploring the vast terrain of sexuality. We are a feminist collective of sex positive activists who are committed to finding creative ways of challenging notions of decency” and Jess has been a part of the collective for 2 years. The opportunity has helped her in many ways: “Thanks to Audio Smut I read, write and talk a hell of a lot about sex. This opportunity has allowed me to explore what sexuality, desire and pleasure mean to me. I realized I denied myself a lot before. Now I can use it more. Of course I am talking about in bed. My sex life has gotten better as my sex persona has gotten more developed. But I can harness the desire, how I want to desire and be desired, to get what I want in spheres outside sex.”

Jess is also currently working on a project about the sounds women make during arousal. “Basically I shove a microphone up my petunia, masturbate and record it,” she reveals. “Recently I started using a contact microphone so it picks up the vibrations in the vagina. I’m still experimenting and processing the audio but let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised to hear that my vagina made less of a squishy sound than a rumble in a dark velvet room sound. I would like to release a mixtape on the internet, hip hop-style.”

Getting what she wanted out of sex has been an ongoing process for Jess, one involving inner growth in getting past a physical situation. “For five years I had a mysterious swelling on my face—around the eyes and the forehead,” imparts Jess. “It wasn’t grotesque but it wasn’t pretty. Everyone from my boyfriend to my parents to strangers on the street noticed it right away, commented and interacted with me through the presence of the mysterious facial swelling. It really affected how I felt about myself. The strangest thing is that I accepted the notions that a person like me with a strange looking face did not deserve a fulfilling sex life. It seemed to me most people I met for dates and hook ups agreed or just stayed silent. The lack of being a sexual being surely demotivated me. I realized I had to own the facial swelling plus diabetes etc and get my sexy on.”

While she is already a facilitator of media literacy workshops, Jess could see herself getting involved in sex literacy workshops. “But I enjoy working in radio and sound with sex. Women, sex and sound is a very contentious, stereotyped and often overlooked intersection of themes. I think I am just getting going in this area.”

Audio Smut airs the first Wednesday of every month, 6–7pm on CKUT 90.3FM in Montreal.