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Front pages: national, featured city, and “rest of Canada”
Much of the site is organized geographically. Our homepage has content pertaining to Canada as a whole, such as policies of the federal government that affect sexuality, or sex conferences that are aimed at a national audience, or personalities who have a national platform.

Every featured city also has a front page, (eg. Toronto), accessed by the Featured City link on the top navigation bar.

We also post local content pertaining to areas outside featured cities. The Rest of Canada front page is accessed via several links on the site.

Our Sexlife Journal provides hard news and opinion on both national  and local issues. The current blog post is at the top of the front page for the Canada and each featured city, and the posts are archived by date and by the geographic area to which they pertain via the Sexlife Journal link on the top of the national or each city sidebar.

Sex News Summaries:
Sex in the News is our survey of important media stories involving sexuality in Canada and especially in our featured cities. The most recent News items appear on the Canada and featured city front pages.

Our aim is to list all the sex-positive resources in Canada. They range from sex therapists, to sex activist organizations to sex businesses. We have classified them into six main categories, each with sub-categories.

Our directories are organized geographically: nationally, featured city, and rest of Canada.

Upcoming events relevant to sex-positive people that occur in the featured cities are listed on the city front pages. Events are posted by our editors and by members of the site.

We also have events outside the featured cities in the Rest of Canada section.

New Releases
We keep our eye on the latest and most interesting books, films/videos, and products of interest to sex-positive people; every month we post an annotated list of them. Accessed via the top navigation bar.

Sex Q&A
Sex questions from our community, and answered by our community. Accessed via the top navigation bar.

Membership and Profiles
As part of our community building mission, we have two types of members
1) businesses and organizations with sex-positive mandates
2) sex-positive individuals.

Business profiles can include detailed public contact data including maps, and identify their sex-positive activities. Everyone included in the directory has a business profile.

Personal profiles have an option to add a blog. .

Members can message each other, can comment on personal blogs or businesses profiles, and can create Groups. An advanced search function helps identifying members by location and interests.

Sex Research
We publish studies on sexuality by Canadian academics, independent scholars and college students; listed here.

Once a month  members  who subscribe to our Newsletter will receive it via email. It contains news and links to key articles appearing on the site.  Subscription is automatic at the time a member  joins the site, unless the member click the unsubscribe link while registering. Users can unsubscribe or resubscribe any time via the notifications link on their Member's navigation bar.