Rest of Canada

Much of the site is organized geographically. We focus on Featured Cities where sex positive culture is the most developed.

But there are lots of sex positive people, businesses, organizations and events outside these cities.

Welcome to the Rest of Canada. Here you will find Directory and Events listings for any location outside the metropolitan areas of our Featured Cities.
If you would like to be listed in our sex positive directory in the Rest of Canada section, please register at the site, create a business profile and then contact us via the contact form and include the link to your profile, the name of the city you would like to be listed under, your name, email and website. Please also include the directory category or categories you’d like to be listed under. 
Site members can submit an event for any city in Canada by going here.

If you think that your city should be a Featured City contact us and tell us why. You must be able to demonstrate that your city has an active sex positive community with events, directory listing and sex positive news stories.