Short Skirt Butch by Lee-Anne Poole

Date and Time
2 Sep 2011 - 11 Sep 2011
Start Time: 
8:00 pm
End Time: 
3:00 pm

Short Skirt Butch
A new play by Lee-Anne Poole
Directed by Bryden MacDonald
Featuring Stephanie MacDonald
Presented By Plutonium Playhouse
As a part of the 2011 Atlantic Fringe Festival

One queer person meets another queer person and fall in love. They are now a queer couple. This queer couple meets a third queer person and fall for them! Our queer couple is now a queer triad. But the honeymoon is over, they fall out of love, lust and all that goes with it. The queer triad goes back to being a queer couple leaving our third queer broken hearten times two.

Short Skirt Butch, a new play by Lee-Anne Poole (Splinters, The Obedients) follows Jean, the brokenhearted third queer, post break up in a one person show featuring Stephanie MacDonald.

September 2nd to 10th - 8PM
With Sunday Sept 11th 3PM Matinee
Where: Emotion Picture Gallery, 5182 Bishop St.

Show Times:
Friday, September 2nd 8:00PM
Saturday, September 3rd 8:00PM
Sunday, September 4th 8:00PM
Monday, September 5th 8:00PM
Tuesday, September 6th 8:00PM
Wednesday, September 7th 8:00PM
Thursday, September 8th 8:00PM
Friday, September 9th 8:00PM
Saturday, September 10th 8:00PM
Sunday, September 11th 3PM

Name of location: 
Emotion Pictures Gallery

5182 Bishop Street