Alberta Rope Lovers Edmonton - September Practice Night

Date and Time
17 Sep 2011
Start Time: 
7:00 pm
End Time: 
(All day)

The practice night is for rope lovers, enthusiast and notices to get together, share, learn, and enjoy rope in a safe, and friendly environment. There will be group practice/shares, small group, individual rope play, pretty much anything!

There may be handouts available for some of the ties we cover so you can do more practice at home! Minimal use of a suspension frame is available under supervision.

The private location is downtown on a major bus route, there is free parking. We have the whole hall, but please dress in street wear outside the venue in respect for the surrounding community.

See the Alberta Rope Lovers Group discussion for more details.
Registration Information:

New to ARL Practice Night
If you have not been to the ARL Practice night before you need to register
Please message bati or email at, and include your legal name, nick name, and email address. (this will all be kept confidential.)
If you are bringing a partner, there complete registration information is needed also. Once registered you will receive location details, and address of the venue. The night of the practice everyone in attendance will be asked to sign a waiver to stay and play.

Registered before
If you have registered and attended a practice night in the past 6 months you have a standing invitation to attend! I appreciate RSVP's but its not mandatory. Please note pre-registration is needed for all guests.

Please Note: If you choose to not register prior to the practice night, you will not receive the location information via email, and if you show up you will be turned away.

Name of location: 
to be provided

to be provided

Age Restriction: 
Dress Code: 
Anything goes