City Editor

Each of our featured cities has a City Editor, a position that will appeal to either:

a) journalists who are interested in working an interesting and emerging journalism “beat”
b) community builders who want to help develop local sex positive culture.

This position differs from that of a columnist  in that a City Editor’s main role is to facilitate the expression of the full range of sex positive voices in the local community,  rather than focus on their own ideas and attitudes.  City Editors have the traditional journalistic challenge of maintaining as much neutrality as possible so that all members of the sex positive community feel that their voice is welcomed.

In being the informational hub of a fascinating social tribe the City Editor has a unique perspective which can provide rich intellectual, social and emotional rewards.

The City Editor position requires a serious commitment. Count on dedicating five hours a week to the job. Before applying, please carefully consider whether you have that time. 

The City Editors tasks include: writing articles for  Sexlife Journal and Featured Personalities sections, managing local casual contributors and columnists and participating in local events that will organize such as sex writer’s salons and gatherings of  people listed in the city’s Directory.

If you would like to become a City Editor, please contact our Managing Editor and tell us about your background and why you would be a good fit for the position.

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