Sex Spaces

Your Local Neighbourhood Online Sex Shop: The Love Muffin

 “Most sex-toy shops in Calgary are targeted more towards men and pornography. While they are starting to bring in more body safe products, the overall sexual attitude seems to remain the same,” offers Kray Mitchell of Love Muffin Adult Boutique. “Getting people to open up and talk about sexuality openly is still quite taboo for most people, we are hoping to assist in changing this.”

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Shop: The Traveling Tickle Trunk

“Alberta has a reputation for being backwards and ultra-conservative when it comes to sexuality,” laments Brenda Kerber, owner of The Traveling Tickle Trunk. “We really believe that this reputation is undeserved. There are great things happening all over in this province, and particularly in Edmonton.” Kerber’s positive and forward-thinking view, along with a keen and knowledgeable staff has established The Traveling Tickle Trunk as a warm and inviting shop to explore for sex-related items.

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Shop: Good For Her

“Our mission is to serve as a welcoming, celebratory and comfortable space for people to learn more about sex and sexuality regardless of whether they are just beginning their exploration, or if they are seasoned veterans of all things sex,” explains Alison Lee, manager of Good for Her in Toronto.

A Sexy Space For All: Calgary Adult Playground Club

Gathering for sex is an age-old tradition. People have always sought others of similar proclivities, in safe and comfortable environments, to live out fantasies and sexual urges that may not be possible to live out in ‘regular’ life. These get-togethers can be informal or organized, glory holes or membership applications. Swing parties took up cause for a good period of time, but those parties were often deemed misogynistic and homophobic.