Sex Spaces

Your Local Neighbourhood Fetish Dance Party: Cirque de Boudoir

Cirque De Boudoir is very much a kinky dance party rather than a serious fetish play party,” reveals co-creator Davidé. “Although we do allow play at our parties, it is not our main focus. We focus more on dressing up, performances, music, and visuals to create and explore the theme and the fetish aspects of the theme.”

Your Local Neighbourhood Boudoir Studio: Rebecca McKay Photography

 “My clients inspire me!” enthuses Edmonton-based photographer Rebecca McKay. “Especially in Boudoir I feel so alive and inspired by the women who come to have their photos taken. Each women who comes offers me a new perspective on what beautiful truly is and this is what motivates me and inspires me during their photoshoots. I am also very driven by the comments women give me regarding their shoots afterward. Women have told me their photoshoots have changed their lives....what could be more inspiring, really!?”

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Toy Party: Sex Ed With A Twist

“A good sex toy party is when everyone is in a positive mood and eager to learn new ideas,” offers Laska Maria, owner of Sex Ed with A Twist in Vancouver. “My sex toy parties are education based; therefore my main focus is teaching new techniques with or without the toys.” 

Your Local Neighbourhood Community Centre: ALCC

“We are strong advocates of sexual freedom, not just by providing a place for already sexually open-minded people to share with others or find an accepting and like-minded community,” affirms Contessa Alura, Director of Education of Montreal’s Alternative Lifestyles Community Centre. “But also to educate and inform those who may not even know what choices they have.”

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Shop: Discreet Boutique

 “The ideal great experience at Discreet is for a customer to come in feel greeted and comfortable,” reveals Rupert Singh, President. “Our sales people take pride in making themselves available but not overbearing. We try to find out as much information as the customer is willing to volunteer so that they feel like they can make an informed choice in their purchasing, meeting their needs but also their budget. We want every customer to feel like they had a great experience from the time they walk through the door until the next time they return.

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Shop: Positive Passions

Positive Passions provides a classy, supportive environment to overcome the challenges we face in regards to sexuality,” beams Celeste Lemieux. “For those who are already comfortable within their sexuality, we empower our clientele to safely push their sexual boundaries and enhance their sexual selves.” As CEO she has plenty of reason to radiate joy at the success of Positive Passions and the growing sex-positive community in Saskatoon.

Your Local Neighbourhood Photography Studio: This is Photography

“My grandfather was a professional photographer and from my first little Fisher Price camera, to the point and shoots I carried EVERYWHERE I went, then to my first SLR at 13 I always loved photography,” remembers Heather Crosby Gionet, principal photographer of This is Photography in Halifax. “When it came to me deciding to do it as a career it was because I was doing it part time and loving it and making time for it even though I didn't really have the time, it just meant that it was more than a job to me, that it was my passion.”

Your Local Neighbourhood Online Sex Shop: Forever Pleasure

“We believe that sexuality is a beautiful thing and that consensual sexual expression is every adult's right,” affirms Dr. Brian Parker, CEO of Forever Pleasure. “Our mission is to create an online sex-positive community featuring quality, phthalate-free sex toys and comprehensive adult sex education.”

Venus Envy Ottawa: Cranking Sex Education Up To 11 For 10 Great Years

A tenth wedding anniversary is traditionally celebrated with a gift of tin. Are there any tin sex toys out there? If there are—and they are a good one to use—then you’d find them at Venus Envy in Ottawa, where they will be celebrating their own 10th Anniversary on Saturday January 29.

Your Local Neighbourhood Lifestyle Club: Allure

“Our members are warm, welcoming, classy, love life...and for some, may even become great friends,” affirms Suzanne, one half of the partnership (with her husband Thomas) that runs Allure. “They come from all walks of life, and are here to explore all types of fantasies.”