Sex Spaces

Advocating for Right to Sexual Self-Determination for People with Developmental Disabilities

 During the recent election, many diverse topics of social and political interest made temporary headlines. With the vote and the tallying of results behind us, many issues fall to the background for most Canadians. Yet some people, for whom policy affects not only the quality of their day-to-day living, but their ability to be who they are, remain actively involved in pursuing policy change and raising awareness in an effort to secure their rights.

Your Local Neighbourhood Corsetiere: Lace Embrace

“After becoming a fan of Dolly Parton,” explains Melanie Talkington of Lace Embrace Atelier Inc., “I realized she was not shaped like the average woman. I asked my mom and was told that she wears a corset. This entailed a variety of questions about why women wore corsets in the Victorian era and led to a mild curiosity. I started collecting antique corsets to learn more about them and create comfortable garments for today's woman.”

Your Local Neighbourhood Sexy Scientists: Lust Cosmetics

“No matter how much you love and respect your partner, boredom in the bedroom naturally sets in over time,” laments Jennifer Gurland, founder of Lust Cosmetics. “The original tag line ‘Lust for the one you Love’ was the catalyst to building the brand.”

Your Local Neighbourhood Swing Club: Club E.S.P.

“At Club E.S.P., you get a taste of good old down home Maritime hospitality,” assure Dana and Debbie. “We provide a relaxed, no pressure environment in which couples and ladies can comfortably meet.”

This friendly and welcoming vibe is a trademark of Halifax’s oldest swing club. Started in 1990, the first events held were monthly swingers dances. Four swinger couples and two nudist couples attended that first gathering. Now, Club E.S.P. boasts a membership of thousands. Thousands of “Extra Sensual People.”

Your Local Neighbourhood Underwear Designers: Gregg Homme

 “You would be surprised to see the demand for sexy underwear: we are answering a need which remains too silent (the men's secret garden?),” suggests Carl Legault. “Everyone has fantasies, everyone needs to spice up their life once in a while and everyone wants to arouse their partner. At Gregg Homme, we deliver the possibilities to make your fantasies come true.”

Spinning Yarn into Spinning Tassels!

“Crochet is not normally seen as sexy,” offers Susan of Sex on a Stitch. “But I’m hoping that the whole concept of risqué crochet introduces pasties and burlesque to people who might otherwise shy away from strutting their stuff.”

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Shop:Lucky You!

“We strive to provide an open, relaxed personal shopping environment,” offer Eric and Tabitha of Toronto’s Lucky You! “Our friendly staff is always available to answer questions and to show off the hottest new products. Your pleasure is our business.”

Your Local Neighbourhood Meeting Place: Pleasure Salon

When I first heard about the Pleasure Salon, I (probably like many others before me) immediately pictured a sweaty orgy. It doesn’t help that the salons take place at a bar that used to be a massage parlor—aptly named “Happy Endings”. But rather than being about hooking up, the Pleasure Salons are social gatherings that build community among New York’s seemingly disparate sexual subcultures.

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Toy Company: Avelli

 “The Canadian sex toy market continues to grow each year,” offers Megan Hoernke of Avelli. “We are seeing an increased comfort with sexuality the marketplace in general.”

Your Local Neighbourhood BDSM Club: Prairie BDSM

 “There was a void in Winnipeg that had never really been filled, relates Adrian of Prairie BDSM. “And I think that it's always good to have an alternative to the existing options, no matter how good they might be.”