Sex Spaces

Your Local Neighbourhood Nutritionist and Chinese Medical Practitioner: Melissa Ramos of Sexy Food Therapy

Food plays an, obviously, significant part in all of our lives. We need to eat well to feel well. Athletes need plentiful and nutritious meals to perform at a high level. Students need to ensure they eat well or their marks and attention will drop off. Even regular, every-day folk will suffer from a poor diet, making work, family and social life tiring and difficult.

Your Local Neighbourhood Social Club: Club KinQc

Community is an important part of any culture and the world of sex and sensuality is no exception. When Master Severyn moved to Quebec City, he found there was no organized kink he helped start one up! Now the newest edition to Quebec's fetish scene, Club KinQc is a flourishing social club that offers many events and opportunities for the community to meet.
   Sexlife Canada chatted with Master Severyn about how Club KinQc got started and of the great activities that the community can now access.

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Shop: Trinity Romance Shop

The town of Squamish, British Columbia is nestled just 40 minutes north of Vancouver and 40 minutes south of Whistler. Dubbed “the outdoor recreation capital of Canada,” there is every reason to believe that Trinity Romance Shop might make Squamish an indoor recreation capital as well. This women-friendly, sex-positive sex shop has grown and become an integral part of the community.

Your Local Neighbourhood BDSM Gear Makers: Storms of Pleasure

Experimenting with bondage, or even introducing the idea of BDSM play to a partner can be quite intimidating. Finding that middle ground between passionate love-making and full blown kink can also be a challenge. Investigating this world through the products of Storms of Pleasure Delightware Inc. can be a solution to this problem.

Wet with Desire: Pee Play

Golden showers, water sports, and piss games are all common ways of referring to what I lovingly term Pee Play. I use this term because it’s more encompassing and more accurate than the others listed, as GS is about being showered in pee but doesn’t really include the rest of the fun times that can happen; water sports can include pee and enema play, and piss games, while closest, doesn’t really give it the fun that can be found in lovers of Pee Play.

Let it Flow with The Fenis

The Fenis is a “portable gadget that can put men and women on equal footing in the bathroom”, invented by Ryan Hale, an entrepreneur from Halifax, Nova Scotia (my home town). Basically, it is a device that allows women to pee standing up, but I like Ryan’s explanation of it better: “…inspired by nature’s own design, intended to bridge the physical gap between the way men and women urinate”.

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Shop: The Kiss Store

“The Vancouver sex scene is very diverse, pansexual, genderblending, with crossovers from the straight world into the queer world and vice versa,” reveals Nathan Chudrick, owner of The Kiss Store. “Vancouver is Hollywood North and draws in a larger crowd of peeps. Same sex marriage in effect as well as commitment to transgender awareness. There are regular monthly fetish parties, play parties and now more sauna nights.”

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Worker Web Designer: Hush Web Design

“I got the idea to focus on the sex work industry, because I was shocked to see how many websites were of such poor quality,” reveals Mike of Edmonton’s Hush Web Design. “I believe sex workers, or those involved in the adult entertainment industry, have a difficult time being taken seriously, battle with a negative stigma, thus have difficulties finding a reputable web designer.”

Your Local Neighbourhood Gay Bar: 302 Lounge

“With our anniversary this month we have had a wonderful first year,” affirms Skipp Anderson of 302 Lounge & Discoteque. “I am truly amazed with how well 302 has been received in Saskatoon. We have had a lot of fun getting to know our community and working towards offering a high-end place for their entertainment needs.”

Your Local Neighbourhood Queer Community Centre: The Well

“Starting from day one, when The Well came together following a vicious hate crime in Hamilton, ” affirms Jae Adams, Coordinator of Programming, “this organization has always been centred on the principle that everyone in our community can be a great contributor if given the chance.”