Sex News

CBS moves to change blood ban

Looks like all that talk came to something!

Canadian Blood Services has submitted to Health Canada a policy change that would replace the lifetime ban on men who have sex with men (MSM) to a 5-year deferral, meaning men who haven’t slept with another man in 5 years would be eligible to donate.

Researchers fail to find men who haven't seen porn

University of Montreal professor Simon Louis Lajeunesse says research into the effects of pornography on males had to be scrapped when researchers couldn’t find any men in their 20s who had not consumed porn.

Research did find that on average, straight men looked at porn for the first time at 10 years old. Thank you, late-night Showcase.


Pussy Health: New guidelines suggest paps every 3 years

New guidelines by the Task Force on Preventative Health Care say that 3-year intervals are enough for cervical cancer screenings. While the rates of cervical cancer and related deaths have dropped dramatically over the past few decades as a result of screenings, Canadian doctors are saying that annual testing is unnecessary.

“Every three years gets nearly all of the benefits and reduces the harms. Just because a little bit is good, doesn’t mean a whole lot more is better,” Dr. James Dickinson said.

Sex work activists hope inquiry will change laws

Sex work advocates are hoping that the inquiry report into the investigation of Vancouver’s missing women will help efforts to change the laws that make sex work dangerous.

Companies compete for .gay

Four companies are competing to claim the .gay domain since the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers expanded the options for top-level domains (.com, .net, etc.) in 2008.

One of the companies, dotgay LLC, applied exclusively for .gay and did so as a community-based group. Community status requires written endorsement for their proposal and the group has so far collected over 128 from gay media outlets, businesses, and non-profits, including PFLAG Canada and the Canadian Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

Canadian novelist shortlisted for Bad Sex "award"

Canadian novelist Nancy Houson is up for the prestigious Bad Sex in Fiction Award for her book Infared, beating out Fifty Shades of Grey (really?) for the year’s worst-written sex scene.

The Literary Review, organizers of the prize, aim to “draw attention to the crude, badly written, often perfunctory use of redundant passages of sexual description in the modern novel, and to discourage it.”

Congrats, Nancy!


Sex toy sales on the rise thanks to NHL lockout

Canadian’s burned by the NHL lockout this year are finding new ways to pass the time, or in Alberta's case, fill the hole(s).

The lack of Hockey season is steering Albertans toward other modes of entertainment – causing sex toy sales to rise. Alberta sex shops have seen a 15% increase of sales of sex toys, games, videos and lingerie since October.


Pfizer’s patent on Viagra invalid

The Supreme Court of Canada has unanimously decided that Pfizer Canada Inc.’s Viagra patent is invalid as it did not disclose the exact chemical compound effective in treating erectile dysfunction (sildenafil). The generic drug company Teva Canada was one to challenge the patent and will now be eligible to put it’s own version of the “little blue pill” on the market.

The court decision’s clarification of disclosure requirements for patents will apply to all patents in Canada.

Los Angeles initiative to regulate condoms in porn passes

Measure B was passed in Los Angeles on Nov 6th, promting threats from the industry group Free Speech Coalition to move production elsewhere. The measure requires all porn actors filming in Los Angeles County to wear condoms during all vaginal and anal sex scenes and for producers to pay for an additional public health permit.

Sun Media's Canadian sex survey

The results of Sun Media's fall Sex Survey, conducted by Leger Marketing, show Canadians “fall in the middle” on the global scale of sex, according to Alex McKay, associate editor at The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality and research co-ordinator for the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada.

"Where we're unique is that we share with Europe a greater tolerance for different lifestyles and practices, but also share Americans' conservative views on extramarital sex."