Sex News

Health Canada advisory: 18 Again & Stiff 4 Hours

Health Canada has issued an advisory for two unauthorized sexual stimulants that were sold at the Unchained Romance booth at the Vancouver Taboo Sex Show. The drugs, “18 Again" and "Stiff 4 Hours" were tested and found to contain prescription ingredients (sildenafil or tadalafil) that could pose a health risk to users, especially those who have heart problems or are taking nitrates.

Health Canada has suggested contacting them at 1-800-267-9675 with questions or complaints about the products, and consulting your doctor about using them. sex survey

A survey conducted on behalf of the travel website of 1013 Canadian women reveals that 53% think sex is better on vacation. 55% of those interviewed gave a lack of stress or more relaxation as the reason for hotter sex away from home, 16% credited the romantic setting.

Other results included who was willing to get down outside of the hotel room (43%), with 20% saying they already had.


Cereal for sexual health

Ontario entrepreneur Peter Ehrlich has created a cereal with ingredients he believes “point the way” to long-term sexual health. Sex Cereal, available now in 500 stores in Canada, takes form of a Male cereal, which according to its website “supports testosterone and energy levels” and a female cereal which “was created with hormonal balance and desire in mind”.

While Ehrlich makes no claim that the cereal is a natural libido enhancer, he claims that friends who have tried the cereal “definitely feel like they want to have sex.”

Teen pregnancy on the rise in Atlantic Canada

While teen pregnancy rates in Canada have been declining since Statistics Canada started tracking them in the 70’s, that decline is at an end and experts suggest the socio-economic climate is partly to blame.

Playtex Canadian sex survey results

To promote their Fresh + Sexy wipes (side note: stop trying to convince me my vulva is dirty, advertisers), Playtex Products sponsored an online survey of 1003 sexy Canadians aged 18 – 49. The results make me want to give all of you a high five (and some lube.)

Ontario premier to reintroduce inclusive sex-ed

Kathleen Wynne, Ontario’s new premier, has promised to “evolve the physical health and sex education program” that was shelved in 2010 due to religious protesters, since age-appropriate curriculum about gender and sexuality is so very blasphemous. Wynne did not announce when they planned to reintroduce the curriculum but said that parent consultations will come soon and will include advocacy groups like the Ontario Physical and Health Education Association (OPHEA) and People for Education.

New study into sex and virginity

A new study conducted at the University of Mississippi shows that the quality of your experience losing your virginity might affect your sex life in later years. Of the 331 people interviewed by researchers, those who had a physically and emotionally satisfying first time were more likely to report being fulfilled with their current sex life.

Sundance gets sexy

The annual independent film festival in Utah was extra steamy this year, with documentaries, biopics and dramas about everything from kink to pornstars to sexual discovery.

“I was surprised how many submissions there were involving sex this year,” said chief festival programmer for Sundance, John Cooper. “And they're not necessarily explorations of relationships either.”


U of T student organisation hosts sex club

So over study groups, University of Toronto’s Sexual Education Centre was hosting a different kind of club for sexual awareness week. The student non-profit group charged U of T students $5 (rather than the regular $20) for admission to the multi-story sex club Oasis Aqualounge, and saw the 189-person building reach capacity by evening.

With the rules no harassment, no pictures, and ask only once and an age limit of 19-35, attendees were provided with a safe space to have sex, enjoy the sauna, or just grab a drink and peruse the toys.

Canada Post mails out nudes by mistake

An advertisement featuring porn star Bree Olson, fully nude, slipped through Canada Post’s screening process and made it into the mailboxes of some Halifax residents. While most of the pamphlets were caught before being delivered, Canada Post does not know exactly how many were accidentally delivered.

"If anyone is looking to send anything of an explicit or sexual nature, it should be in an opaque envelope and should be labelled 'Contains adult materials,'" said spokesman Jon Hamilton.