Sex News

New Brunswick seeking partners of HIV positive man using Manhunt

New Brunswick officials are attempting to track down the approximately two dozen previous sex partners of a man who recently tested positive for HIV. Chief medical officer Dr. Eilish Cleary told a news conference that the man was having unprotected sex with contacts met through the anonymous dating site, and advised those using the site to use precautions to lower the risks. She also said that the Health Department has no reason to believe he was deliberately putting anyone at risk.

Children of the Street Society releases anti-sexting ad

BC-based charity, Children of the Street Society has a new ad (paying a creepy homage to Amanda Todd’s video) aimed at teens to discourage them from sexting. The video depicts a young woman holding signs that tell a story of sending a nude photo to someone she trusted, only to have it shared.

Tokyo's first women-only sex bar

Instead of liquor bottles, display cases full of vibrators line the wall behind the counter at a new bar in Tokyo’s Shibuya district dedicated to female masturbation. Love Joule is a safe space for women to talk about mastubation, away from cultural shame and taboos, with a no-boys-allowed policy that prohibits men from entering unless they are with a woman.


Alberta vocal coach uses vibrators to help singing students

A drama professor at the University of Alberta is receiving attention for his unusual vocal coaching technique: sex toys!

Davis Ley uses handheld vibrators against the throats of his students to help them reach higher octaves, instead of massaging the larynx with his fingers – the method used by speech pathologists to relieve tension. Ley has employed this technique on 150 people with no reported side effects, aside from an increase in phlegm (mmm, sexy).


Undercover "tourists" spice up the Paris Catacombs

In “that’s kind of morbid but I like it” news, the famous Paris Catacombs have apparently become the place for erotic photo and film shoots. Musée Carnavalet, which manages the site, says they reject models, photographers, and filmmakers who request to shoot inside the caves every day. It has reached the point where bosses have had to enlist a “catacombs police team” to stop them from posing as tourists in order to slip in and strip down in more discreet areas.


The kink is in the keywords

PornMD, a popular search engine for adult content, has compiled a list of the top ten search terms by country over 6 months. Canada’s results are… mostly unsurprising. Our top three search terms are “Asian”, “teen”, and “MILF”. Other highlights include “massage” and “hentai” – I’m not judging.

View the infographic here.



Planned Parenthood Toronto promotes porn literacy

Coming from a generation who spend most of their teen years playing terrible porn flash games online (at least until PornHub came around), I’m familiar with the phrase “… but I thought girls liked that.”

So props to Planned Parenthood Toronto, who recently hosted a talk for parents and educators with Dr. Marty Klein, a California-based sex therapist and marriage counselor, on “porn literacy”. The aim, according to executive director Sarah Hobbs-Blyth, is to be proactive in giving youth the information to decode porn and understand that it’s “not a documentary” about sex.

Study says sex might make you smarter

A new study from the University of Pavia, Italy, finds that sex, especially with a new partner, could boost memory and alertness. Researchers examined blood tests from new couples, long-term couples, and singles and found that nerve growth in the brain was “significantly higher in subjects in love than in either the subjects with long-lasting relationships or the subjects with no relationships.” They also found evidence that sexually active seniors were less likely to have dementia.

B.C. mom upset over safe sex flipbook

A mom in Nanaimo is outraged by a flipbook brought home by her Grade 8 son after a sexual health class. The book, “Put on Something Sexy” depicts a woman putting a condom on her partner and then having sex when the pages are flipped quickly.

DTES sex workers to receive "know your rights" cards

Collaborative work to ensure sex worker safety between Pivot Legal Society and SWUAV (Sex Workers United Against Violence) have succeeded in having Canada’s prostitution laws declared unconstitutional, and causing the Vancouver police to reexamine