Sex News

Sex worker groups denied intervenor status

The Supreme Court announced April 30th that the advocacy groups seeking intervenor status on the case to decide the constitutionality of Canada’s prostitution laws have been denied. Three Canadian groups advocating against the laws, POWER (Prostitutes of Ottawa-Gatineau Work, Educate and Resist), Maggie’s, and Stella, as well as four international ones have been denied.

Survey on vaginal atrophy reveals it's effects on Canadian sex lives

Results from a study on vaginal atrophy’s effects on sex and relationships revealed that more than 60 percent of female Canadians avoid sex because of vaginal atrophy, a chronic condition of menopause where the vaginal walls become thin and fragile, causing intercourse to be painful. The study, presented at the first annual Canadian Menopause Conference on May 4th, also found that one fifth of those surveyed feel that the condition has made them emotionally distant.


Drug-resistant strain of gonorrhea discovered in US

Two cases of an antibiotic-resistant strain of gonorrhea, being called a “superbug”, have been reported in Hawaii. First discovered in Japan in 2011, the STI called H041 has spread to Hawaii and has been reported in California and Norway. Doctors are warning that it has the potential to be as deadly as the AIDS virus.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has asked for $50 million to find a way to treat the disease.


Man robs sex shop with a butcher's knife

Some guy made off with $850 worth of sex toys and $100 cash from a shop in Repentigny near Montreal. Dude was so desperate for vibrators and lingerie that he pulled a butcher’s knife out at the cashier after spending close to an hour picking just the right selection to burgle. Apparently it takes time to find the perfect leather manties that say “I stole this with a knife.”


Good for the Goose: meeting your partner's needs increases desire

In how-exactly-is-this-news news, meeting your partner’s sexual needs without expectation helps increase day-to-day desire in long term relationships.

In a study of 44 couples over 21 days, post-doctoral fellow Amy Muise, of the University of Toronto, and colleagues at the University of Guelph in Canada and the University of Cambridge in England, said that those with more sexual communal strength (“communal motivation in the specific domain of sexuality”), reported high levels of daily sexual desire.

Most Canadians with genital herpes are unknowing carriers

Just in case you didn't have enough incentive to get tested: Statistics Canada recently reported that from a sampling of thousands of Canadians, 94% of the almost 14% who tested positive for genital herpes, didn’t know they were infected. These results suggest that many are unknowingly passing on the virus.

Researchers did not test for HSV-1, the herpes virus responsible for cold sores, which is being increasingly transmitted to the genitals.

Bill Gates poses better condoms challenge

No glove, no love! If only that were an easier rule to live by.

Such a utopia might not be far off, depending on who rises to the challenge issued by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for designers to create a better condom.

The purpose is to find the next generation condom – one that’s not only more effective, but more likely to be used, according to their goal: “What if we could develop a condom that would provide all the benefit of our current versions, without the drawbacks? Even better, what if we could develop one that was preferred to no condom?”

Matters of size

A study led by Brian Mautz, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Ottawa, suggests that, in at least one facet, size does matter. Researchers showed 53 computer-generated images of male bodies varying in penis length, hip to shoulder ratio, and height to 105 women, asking them to rate each. Those figures with larger penises were found to score considerably higher, with size influencing attractiveness about as much as height.

Don't go preordering the Dildomaker

Sad, sad news for anyone who was excited about the image of the Dildomaker circulating online. The conceptual device that essentially works as a pencil sharpener to turn almost any object into a dildo, is not going to be produced anytime soon. At least not by its designer, Francesco Morackini, who stressed that he uses industrial design to create “useless” art objects.

BC sex workers want a say in Supreme Court battle against prostitution laws

Sex workers in BC are asking to be heard in the Supreme Court case to decide whether prostitution laws are unconstitutional. Kat Kinch, a lawyer representing the sex workers and advocacy groups wishing to intervene, says that the current case does not focus enough on those women who are forced to enter the sex trade for survival, and thinks their evidence will strengthen the case.

Kinch expects to hear if they will be granted intervener status in May.