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Glee and Skins make me yearn for Degrassi

I miss the original Degrassi shows.

Okay, I know there is Degrassi The Next Generation, but I just didn’t get into that show. It almost felt like cheating to embrace that version after growing up with the original Degrassi gang. And I did grow up with them. The characters and I were very close enough in age that their struggles were sometimes ones that I encountered or saw friends dealing with. Particularly those dealing with sex.

Cumming Down the Line: The Fine Art of Phone Sex

Try telling someone in the first 5 minutes of meeting to, "Fuck my cunt....fuck that whore hole! I want to cummmmm." I triple-dog-dare you to do that. Add to that a physical barrier in the middle and I'm not talking condoms. I'm talking about recreational phone sex.

Sexy Typewriter Seeks Someone to Finger Keys

“I have always thought that my luck in dating—especially online dating—has been almost unbelievably terrible,” admits Sexy Typewriter. “So terrible that it's actually kind of hilarious, if you take a couple of steps back. I started this blog as a way to embrace the pathetic.”

Trade Secrets Reveals Much About Sex Work

So much is swirling and changing when it comes to adult entertainment and prostitution in Canada. Change is happening and big change is potentially on the horizon. An impetus for this change has been the documentation and research done within sex-related work and industries. As more is written and said and discovered about sex industry workers, more is recognized about this legitimate and validating work.

Exploring the State of Unions: Thoroughly Modern Marriage

This past weekend the Metropolitan Community Church held a ceremony commemorating the 10 year anniversary of the first gay marriages in Canada. Both of the couples who participated in that groundbreaking event were present. Because of this and the subsequent legalization of same-sex marriages, Canada was deemed to be the pit of moral decay. And that we’d all be lead down the path to despair. All of this for challenging the traditional notion of marriage.

Bring Home a New Lover

Who wouldn’t want to curl up with a strong, self-aware and confident Lover? You’d desire a Lover that is knowledgeable and sensual, political and erotic. Soon the women of Canada will be able to bring this lover right into their bedrooms when the debut issue of Lover magazine hits the stands.