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Pray for Intervention: VisionTV's Sex Scandals in Religion

Communities and cultures all around the world are intertwined with religious faith. Places of worship are often the focal points of towns, and the clergy who preside over these houses of the holy wield an undeniable power. What happens when that power is corrupted and sexual abuse happens?

Infidelity Doc Explores Why People Explore More

“Apart from the very real fear of a harsh backlash from a spouse, most men and women in affairs fear extreme judgment and condemnation from their families, friends, co-workers, and society in general,” explains Martin Himel, writer, director, narrator and producer of the new documentary Infidelity. “So why do they agree, you might ask? I believe they talk because they have a need to get their feelings ‘off their chest.’ They have something to say—right or wrong—and want to be heard.”

What's Up Men's Asses? Miss E Takes Us There

How does a perfectly nice, heterosexual girl end up wearing a strap-on and fucking man-ass? I’ll tell you how: desire to witness intense male pleasure. I swoon with intoxication just remembering it as I sit and write.

Foot Fucking as Art: Foot Fetish (Part 2)

Foot fucking is an art of it’s own. It demands good muscle control on the part of the person with fabulous feet (i.e. me)—particularly in the thighs—and the ability to sustain a repetitive action for longish periods of time. Giving a 'foot job' is not as easy at it appears. It also requires strength. The grunt of pleasure when I push my feet together around a ready, willing and very able cock is intoxicating as is the slurpy, gulping motion of the tongue when my foot is placed firmly in the mouth of a footman, great toe on one jaw, ‘pinkie’ toe on the other.

Walk All Over Me: Foot Fetish (Part 1)

When I was 17, I was at a drive-in movie. You took your vehicle, parked it, hooked up the speaker/tuned your radio to the right frequency and enjoyed the evening. Those evenings usually didn’t involve a whole lot of movie watching for the cool kids at the back of the lot, those furthest away from the snack shack. That night, it was hot and all the windows and doors were open and people were staggering around doing silly things.

Every Publisher Needs a Mistress in Charge: Naughty Nights Press

When you work in publishing, be it paper or ebooks, the expression 'whip a manuscript into shape' is thrown about quite liberally. When a new erotic epublishing company like comes along, it isn't unreasonable to wonder there might be some literal whipping! Set to launch this coming July, Naughty Nights Press looks forward to offering a fantastic array of erotic and sexual titles in the emerging and expanding ebook market. Writers take note! Sexlife Canada chatted with Co-Owner and Editor Gina Kincade.

The Essence of Life: Bloodplay

Blood isn't supposed to leave the body, right? Being the fluid of life and all, it should flow through us and not out of us. Then why do so many people have a sexual fetish for its release?

The Book That Makes You Come

“I've always written dirty stories,” reveals Joey Comeau. “I've published them in various places, and eventually I thought it might be fun to put them all together in one book. It's been a while since I published a sexy book, and it seemed like a fun idea! I liked the idea of publishing a book that showed sex as fun and sometimes gleeful.”

Deviant Divas Dish on Sexy Stories

 Book clubs abound. Everywhere people get together to chat about what they are reading and to discuss the intricacies of those titles. Often these gatherings are to muse over bestsellers and classic works of literature but not always. Sometimes people are getting together to pore over a hot new selection of smut.

Queer Women Have a Voice in Queeries

“I want to build a reservoir of stories about queer women's history,” explains Suzy Malik, editor of Queeries. “I'm not coming across these types of stories as often as I would like in the queer press and feel there is plenty of room for more stories like these.”